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We're teaming up with Neighbourhood Watch to find and reward the UK’s most neighbourly folks. If your neighbour's a superhero, why not nominate them for a Neighbour of the Year Award?


4th Sep 2019


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18th Oct 2019

For the second year running, we’ve launched a nationwide search with Neighbourhood Watch to find and celebrate some of the UK’s best neighbours. Last year, members joined in to shape the criteria that we’re again using to judge our Neighbour of the Year award. This year, alongside the Neighbour of the Year award, we’ve created a brand new Community Space Champion award. This celebrates the efforts of an individual whose work to use, develop or save a community space, such as a park, library or community centre, has delivered great benefit to their local area. If someone springs to mind, tell us all about them and how they go above and beyond. You can nominate them for either Neighbour of the Year Award, Community Space Champion…or both! Join in and you’ll be taken to our nomination form where you can share your stories of great neighbourliness.

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