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Tell us about how you buy food to eat when on the go and win prizes!

What are you looking for when you need something to eat on the go? There’s an iPad and vouchers up for grabs for some lucky members who join in and share with us what they buy when they’re looking for something to eat immediately.

How do you shop for food online

Join in and tell us about how you currently shop for food online, and help us shape an exciting new service we’re developing,

How does your community score in our unique new tool?

Find out how your community scores and tell us what you think about the new Community Wellbeing Index we’ve developed to measure wellbeing of communities throughout the UK. Just enter your postcode! There's an Ipad and vouchers up for grabs if you do.

What does co-operation look like in your community?

Join in to tell us how people are connecting and co-operating where you live for the benefit of your community, and help shape our community activity. There's an Ipad and vouchers up for grabs if you do.